Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Crew

The Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Crew.

To be fair, this is a co-ed group. But we aren't concentrating on the guys aspect. You can see some of them by visiting the link and browsing through the photos. Or, look at this video that shows both guys and gals in action.

There aren't a ton of pictures of this crew yet since they just started last season. In fact, all the pictures are from last season, including the team photo above.

But here are the gals in action, mostly on the ice although some were taken around the arena as part of a photo shoot.

Thank you Highmark for presenting this crew. You certainly have been a great partner in promoting healthy physical activity for over 70 years. Like ice skating. In attractive uniforms by Pro Knitwear. And if all that skating makes you stressed, you can relax at either Izzazu or Sognature spas and salons. Of course, skating would be hard without your Reebok skates and equipment. And you won't look nearly as good if it hadn't been for The Sun Club.

Why mention the sponsors? Because I've got nothing better to talk about when talking about Penguins hockey that's kinda interesting (asides from hockey). And I always try to add something else in the blog of some interest. And I nothing comes to mind for the Penguins.

I mean it's not like a previous owners of the team was like a big shot movie producer whose studio produced Academy Award winning films, like Ray staring Jamie Foxx.

...Really? They did? Howard Baldwin huh.

Okay, okay. So what. It's not like his wife wrote a screen play centered around the Penguins that was later made into a movie staring Jean-Claude Van Damme in Christmas of 1995.

...You're kidding me. She did? Did it have a hockey name?

...Sudden Death. Yeah, that's a hockey term alright.

Did it have a decent trailer?

Not terrible. But does it have any legit hockey credits?

Jay Caufield – Tolliver
Bill Clement – Pre-game announcer
Cleveland Lumberjacks - Chicago Blackhawks players[1]
Ian Moran - Chris Chelios[2]
Jeff Jimerson – Himself (credited "Anthem Singer")
Mike Lange – Himself (credited "Play-by-Play Announcer")
Luc Robitaille – Himself
Paul Steigerwald – Himself (credited "Color Commentator")
Markus Näslund – Himself (uncredited)
Bernie Nicholls – Himself (uncredited)
Ken Wregget – Himself (uncredited)
John Barbero - PA Announcer (uncredited)

Okay, okay. So that's all well and good. But I'm talking about on ice entertainment in this blog. There is no way it relates to that. I mean, it's not like the Van Damme's daughter is kidnapped in the film by a woman killer dressed as Iceburgh, the Penguins' mascot, and then the two get into a major fight-to-the-death battle. No way that happens.

I'm going to stop talking now. Those penguin feet going into the dishwasher slowly kinda distrubed me.

On a side note, I should give credit to Baldwin and 'Ray' because it helped me win a game during one of the TV timeouts during a Thrashers game (a game that the Maple Leafs beat us like 9-1) before I started working for the team. I got all but one right. All I had to do was get more than one of the players on video.

The questions?

What state is nicknamed the Constitution State?
Who won the most recent Best Actor Oscar (2004)?
Which team has won the most Stanley Cups?
What is the capital city of Canada?
Which player first wore a goalie mask?

The correct answers:

Delaware. Jamie Foxx. The Montreal Canadiens. Ottawa. Jacques Plante.

My wrong answer?

I was so nervous that I blurted out "Philadelphia!" for the Constitution State.

And Philadelphia is more of a city than a state.

Oh well. Still won sweet Home Depot money.

-A full list of ice crews can be found here.-

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